Là một dịp đặc biệt trong phần lớn ngày thời điểm cuối tháng 12, Lễ ngày lễ noel luôn được rất nhiều người hy vọng đợi và chào đón. Đây là sự kiện gồm rất nhiều chuyển động hấp dẫn tương tự như những mẩu chuyện thú vị được kể. đặc biệt nhất là đã được khuyến mãi ngay quà đến nhau. Vậy, nếu được đặt câu hỏi về Lễ Giáng sinh bởi tiếng Anh, các bạn sẽ trả lời nạm nào. Hãy tham khảo nội dung bài viết dưới phía trên ngay nhé!


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You probably know that Christmas is celebrated on December 25. In the United States, families distribute gifts that Santa Claus left under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Many attend church services on Christmas Eve và Christmas morning, & later gather for Christmas dinner with extended family.

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Christmas is the observance of Jesus’ humble birth to a virgin in a stable in Bethlehem. The holiday also celebrates the events surrounding his birth, such as an angel’s appearance khổng lồ shepherds, telling them khổng lồ visit the newborn king.

Although the Church doesn’t consider it the most important Christian holiday, Christmas is certainly the most popular, at least in terms of cultural and social significance.

The early Church, believing that events later in Jesus’s life should be the focus, didn’t even consider it all that significant. What’s more, when Church leaders first discussed observing the birthday of Jesus, some argued against celebrating it lượt thích you would another great person in history. Nonetheless, the Church had enough pro-observance support to mark the calendar.

Neither the New Testament nor any historical record marks the exact date of Jesus’s birth. As a result, the Church initially considered many different dates, including January 2, March 21, March 25, April 18, April 19, May 20, May 28, November 17, & November 20. The Western Church first observed December 25 in the fourth century, and eventually Eastern Churches followed suit.

Christmas has its origins as a pagan holiday. December 25 was selected lớn line up with several pagan Roman holidays that celebrated the winter solstice và worship of the sun.

Most of the traditional customs of Christmas, such as gift giving, tree decorating, light hanging, và feasting, come from sources other than the Church.

Mentions of Santa Claus types of figures appear in Germanic lore & various northern European religions that thrived before Christianity took hold. The American version of Santa Claus seems to lớn have originated from a Dutch legend about Sinter Klaas, which settlers brought khổng lồ America in the seventeenth century. Americans embraced the idea of Santa Claus, who was said to deliver gifts khổng lồ good boys and girls on Christmas Eve.

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To many Americans, Santa Claus embodies the spirit of giving. Lớn celebrate the nature of Santa Claus during the Christmas holidays, many people not only give gifts lớn loved ones, but they also donate time và money to lớn charities.


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There are several holidays held in a year. It is Christmas holiday that is interesting. Christmas occurs on 24 và 25th December but it starts from the beginning of the month. During Christmas, people are more friendly & gentle with each other because they believe to have a happier life without sorrow. I enjoy decorating Christmas tree và walk around the streets looking at the buildings và the trees around the thành phố such as in squares và parks, shops và offices.

Especially, there is always a big tree at city’s center, in which people gather và pray together in Christmas night. All the đô thị is decorated with color and lights; therefore, it is a chance for citizens go out, take many beautiful photos and transfer to lớn each other. We take part in several interesting activities lượt thích creating snowman, playing in snow, making homemade candy or cake, cleaning house.

The snow is a symbol of Christmas. Lớn me, it is a symbol of renewal & cleanliness of the upcoming event. Besides, the children enjoy receiving presents, which are put at the tree by Santa Clause. They believe he brings obedient kid joy, good health and hope for a new year.

Actually, the gifts are prepared by parents or relatives in order to encourage them study và well behave with other. The tradition of giving presents originates from the old days & it becomes one of features of Christmas holiday. Christmas reinforces the belief of one’s soul & heals all sadness & dissatisfaction. In my opinion, it is essential lớn continue this holiday because of its beneficial role in culture of one country


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Christmas is a holiday on December 25th celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas has now become more & more popular in Viet Nam, especially to young people. On this day, people often decorate their houses và prepare presents.

Many households in big cities buy the Christmas tree & hang lights và small bells upon it. Children also love Christmas day so much. They prepare clean stocks for receiving the presents from the Santa Claus. How about the celebration? On Christmas Eve, people often sing Christmas Carol, meet friends, relatives lớn make a wish for them.

Some people often impersonate Santa Claus & give present to lớn everyone. All Christians go to church on this day.


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