I was working on 3D mã sản phẩm for 4 hours & in a sudden the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn had shut down. Also I could NOT find any autosave files under original saving folder. I tried tìm kiếm with FILENAME & any other stuff. Is there any way that I can recover my files from the hard drive or anywhere that I can find back-up files?

Please help me figure this out !!!

Here’s the general article on where things are saved: http://help.congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.com/en/article/36212

Note that on Windows you might have changed the mặc định location, but probably you haven’t.Bạn đã xem: file autosave sketchup lưu giữ ở đâu

If you are on Mac, & using congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn 2015, you can chose Go to thư mục in Finder, & paste this in:

~/Library/Application Support/congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn 2015/congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn/Autosave

vì your congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn Preferences have it mix up to lớn make AutoSaves at regular intervals ?If so they will be named AutoSave_FILENAME.skp…For PC, by default the AutoSave file is saved into your “My Documents” thư mục - but you can change the location under Preferences > Files > Models… For MAC, the AutoSave file is always saved in your User > Library > Application tư vấn > congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn # > congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn > Autosave folder…Do your congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn Preferences have it set up to make backup files as you manually save a model’s SKP ?The FILENAME.skp backup is named FILENAME.skb on PC và FILENAME~.skp on MAC…They are kept in the same thư mục as the original SKP, they are one-save-behind the current-saved model…

If you have neither of these life-lines set up, then it is hoping against hope that there’s a backup…


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You might also find files numbered sequentially 0.skb 1.skb 2skb… It makes these when it can’t write the proper backup tệp tin for some reason. Just rename the latest to lớn a SKF file & it should open.

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.skb is only written at the time you vì chưng a save, isn’t it? It wouldn’t help in a case where no saves have been done.

If the OP hasn’t been manually saving his work, and there is no AutoSave set up, then there will be no useful files.If the file has never been saved, then, if it exists, the AutoSave tệp tin on a PC would include the text ‘Untitled’, not sure about on a MAC.It it is an existing SKP that has not been saved then its FILENAME will be in the AutoSave files name .If Backups are also enabled, then the SKB/~.SKP files will use the file name & be in the SKP’s folder.BUT if the SKP has not been saved as work progressed during this session, then the Backup file will contain the mã sản phẩm version one-save before the mã sản phẩm that was opened at the start of the session. Only saving the SKP makes a Backup.

It’s “untitled” for Mac as well. The OP’s mô tả tìm kiếm read lượt thích the document had been worked on for four hours without saving, but it isn’t clear whether the tệp tin was a new one of a previously saved one.

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I am having problem with Windows right now

btw, sorry for the late response !!!

marshmallow July 20, 2015, 12:08am #12

I haven’t saved model during the 4 hours, i know it’s already been two days from my question but I still want to lớn know certain way of recovering/finding missing autosave file. Thanks for helping me !!

I have set up the AutoSaves at regular intervals và it used to lớn saved onto my original thư mục that was with original files, but some how it disappeared !!! What bởi vì you think make this kind of situation??



I haven’t saved model during the 4 hours,

If you had not saved the model in the four hours that you worked on it, then lost it, there will be no autosave file. You need lớn save the mã sản phẩm right after you start working on it for the autosave function to kick in. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

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marshmallow July 21, 2015, 4:07am #16

I am looking for autosave files thư mục in Windows OS not Mac OS

marshmallow July 21, 2015, 4:08am #17

I have never known that truth, thanks for letting me know và i will start work on that stuff after saving from the next modeling. Thanks for your advise !!!

On a PC, when it’s phối up, the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn AutoSave function saves a copy of the model “MODELNAME_AutoSave.skp” at the given time intervals into the folder specified in Preferences > Files - all as outlined in earlier ppsts…However, when you exit the model ‘cleanly’ , then its AutoSave file is usually auto-deleted.If congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn crashes the model’s AutoSave file is usually left behind - so in theory you can rescue some work, at least back to the last time it was AutoSaved.

On my PC with AutoSave mix up, I mở cửa a new ‘Untitled’ model from a Template, và I vị not save it… after the requisite time has passed an AutoSave tệp tin IS made - it is named “AutoSave_Untitled.skp”. If I then close this mã sản phẩm , then its AutoSave tệp tin is auto-deleted, as it closes…

If you have congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn’s Backups set up , then you can go back the the model-version one save behind your last save .

Of course if you haven’t been saving your model you can’t expect miracles…It was complete insanity lớn never save any of your work over a four hour period - sorry khổng lồ be harsh !AutoSaves vày NOT persist after the mã sản phẩm is cleanly closed - only if it crashes/splats…

PC you Window 10.Link : C:UsersMy Acc your OneDriveDocumentsAutoSave_Untitled.skpYou coppy file lớn destop. Xuất hiện file.

Sorry Newbie khổng lồ the forum

Can *.skb files (not *.skp files) be set to run automatically each time you save (and therefore not be deleted) I found a post from a while back that said they could. But not how.

I usually save new versions of my drawings but yesterday I didn’t và lost 2 hours of geometry…very irritating!