Who’s excited to see Lee Seung Gi on the big screen?

South Korean actor Lee Seung Gi is up for a busy schedule since his discharge last October 2017.

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Aside from taking the lead role in tvN’s Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey), the 31-year-old actor is set lớn make his return to lớn the big screen, with historical romantic comedy movie Marital Harmony.


Promotional poster of “The Princess & the Matchmaker” (Photo by CJ Entertainment)

Lee made his film debut in 2015, with Love Forecast opposite Moon Chae Won. The lãng mạn comedy film depicted the weather-like relationship between men and women.

Love Forecast was also the actor’s final film before the military enlistment. However, according lớn him, he filmed for Marital Harmony before his enlistment.

“I shot the film before I joined the army. I had fat cheeks at that time,” he said.


Lee’s character poster of “The Princess & the Matchmaker” (Photo by CJ Entertainment)

Lee will headline the upcoming film alongside Shim Eun Kyung, Kim thanh lịch Kyung, & Yeon Woo Jin. CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk, and SHINee’s Choi Min Ho are also part of the cast.

A Bright & Amusing Film: A Perfect Ending lớn The Love Month

Marital Harmony brings viewers back to the Joseon era, where a severe drought has plaqued the nation for years.

Believing the drought will over with the marriage of Princess tuy nhiên Hwa (played by Shim), the king orders the nation’s best fortune-teller Seo vày Yoon (played by Lee) to find the most suitable partner for his daughter.

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However, the princess runs away from the palace to lớn secretly observe her potential husbands, finding true love along the way.


A still from “The Princess và the Matchmaker” (Photo by CJ Entertainment)

The second of the three-part film project of dòng xe yamaha jupiter Films on Korean fortune-telling traditions, Marital Harmony is expected lớn be lighter and fun-filled than its predecessor The Face Reader.

“If the previous film The Face Reader was a serious historical film, Marital Harmony is a brighter and amusing popcorn-movie,” said its director Hong Chang Pyo during the film’s press conference.

The first part of the film project, The Face Reader, opened in local theaters in 2013, & sold more than nine million tickets, making it one of the highest grossing films in the country that year. It starred tuy vậy Kang Ho, Lee Jung Jae, Jo Jung Suk, Baek Yoon Sik, Lee Jong Suk, & Kim Hye Soo.

Hong added that Marital Harmony would also differ from recent box office hits, which are mostly male-centric crime thrillers or dark and serious historical epics.

The historical lãng mạn comedy film will mở cửa on February 28 in theaters in South Korea.

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