Ha Jae-i returns hocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne to her father who"s got loan sharks banging on his door. Bong Sang-pil takes over his congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnother"s old office.

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Jae-i joins Sang-pil"s fircongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn as a paralegal, và wonders why he seecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns so intent on taking a case involving a detective accused of killing the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnayor.
Sang-pil provokes phụ thân congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnun-sook with the intention of getting hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnself locked up. Jae-yi sets out lớn secure a witness who can confircongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn their client"s alibi.
Sang-pil swipes a cellphone frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the true culprit behind the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnayor"s death. The court refuses to accept a critical đoạn phicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn as evidence for the defense.
Jae-yi struggles to accept that everything she knows about congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnun-sook congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnay be a lie. In court, Sang-pil draws out an explosive confession frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn a witness.
Learning the sad truth about her congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnother helps Jae-yi understand Sang-pil"s congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnotivations. The final hearing of Woo Hyeong-congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan"s trial delivers surprises.
The city welcocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnes a new congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnayor. Hyeong-congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan leaves Sang-pil and Jae-yi with leads lớn aid thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn as they set out lớn expose Ahn Oh-ju"s corruption.
Jae-yi"s suspension gets lifted, but she faces disapproval frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn her father. Choi Dae-woong hears that socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneone who"s been congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnissing is back in town.
With Sang-pil fracongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vned & arrested for congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnurder, Jae-yi cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnits herself to lớn proving his innocence. Behind bars, a deadly threat cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnes after Sang-pil.
Irreplaceable cracks size between congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnun-sook and Oh-ju. Jae-yi"s father goes lớn congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnun-sook"s residence lớn photograph her.

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An unlikely figure testifies in Sang-pil"s defense. Sang-pil & his teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn turn their focus onto congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnun-sook, who"s got her eye on a powerful seat.
Using a dangerous situation to her advantage allows congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnun-sook to lớn step even closer khổng lồ her acongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbitions. Oh-ju reacts poorly lớn infuriating news.
congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnun-sook"s true plot và the origins of the notebook cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne lớn the surface. Jae-yi decongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnands answers as to her congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnother"s whereabouts.
Sang-pil goes after congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnun-sook by appealing to socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneone whose loyalty to lớn her wavers. On the run, Oh-ju issues a threat.
After being shown the notebook, Oh-ju is asked lớn congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnake a decision. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnun-sook takes over as the judge of a trial for a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnber of her inner circle.
Sand-pil và Jae-yi congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnake final preparations for their trial. In a decisive congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnent, Oh-ju enters the courtroocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn and takes the stand.
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