You’re proud of yourself for sticking lớn your resolution of getting in shape and eating healthier. It’s the first resolution you’ve kept in years. However, you think you could gain more benefits with a fitness tracker. But you just don’t have the budget for those high-priced devices lượt thích Garmin or Fitbit.

Well, there is a great option that onlycosts around $30.00, & it's calledXiaomi ngươi Band 2. But does it live up khổng lồ what you’re expecting? Let’s kiểm tra out this amazingly inexpensive fitness tracker, & you can be the judge.

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The ngươi Band 2 may not be very pretty lớn look at, and the silicone band may look cheap, but it’s a very durable piece that’s light, easy to lớn clasp and comfortable to lớn wear. It’s not only water resistant but also sweat, dust and corrosion resistant. Pretty cool! Water resistant isn’t the same as waterproof so remember you can’t swim while wearing this band. If you don’t want a black band, that’s no problem. Originally, the band was only available in orange, green và blue; but now there are more interchangeable colored bands lớn choose from that are sold separately. The wristbands are inexpensive too so you could buy one in each màu sắc and be fashionable every day!

The scratch & fingerprint resistant, monochrome, OLED display is small. Yet it’s still larger & brighter than its predecessor, & it does a nice job of showing steps, heart rate, the time, battery life, distance & burned calories; it’s all easy to lớn read whether you’re in sunlight or at night. Sadly, there isn’t any touchscreen; however, there’s a handy touch-sensitive button which controls the screen. Believe it or not, this button is more desirable than having to tap once or twice on the screen. This awesome touch-sensitive button is a more dependable, faster way to communicate with the easy-to-use band.

2. Tracking Features

The Xiaomi ngươi Band 2 is a simple device that tracks activity, sleep & heart rate.

If you’re a hardcore runner, then this gadget might not be for you because there aren’t any extra features or a GPS for precise monitoring of your runs. But if you’re a person that just likes lớn run occasionally, this entry-level fitness tracker should bởi vì the job. Compared lớn the mày Band 1, this device is more accurate when it comes khổng lồ counting your steps và can keep up with the accuracy of the well-known trackers, too. However, it still doesn’t have a feature that counts stair climbing; so when you climb any stairs it’s counted as only steps and, therefore, underestimates your calories burned.

The mày Band 2 has a terrific feature that most fitness trackers have nowadays: an alert to lớn let you know that you need lớn get up & move around; a pretty neat bonus of this alert is that you can select what times during the day it alerts you. This is marvellous if you’re one for sitting too long & need khổng lồ be prompted lớn go for a short walk in the morning and afternoon! The device also vibrates when you’ve passed your goal for that day. It could take the gadget several seconds to lớn determine that you’ve started your activity or workout, but tracking will start automatically. How convenient! If you’re okay with a tracker that doesn’t have all the fancy whistles and bells, then you’ve found your device. Xiaomi mi still has some work to bởi with the activity tracker portion but, hopefully, new elements will be inthe next upgrade.The sleep tracker automatically knows when you fall asleep and awake as well as detects deep and light sleep. It’s faithful in its monitoring, & you get a really useful view of how you normally sleep. Through the mi Fit tiện ích (discussed later), you can view the number of minutes you weren’t sleeping, specific falling asleep & waking up times và the amount of light and REM sleep you got. If you can’t stand being woken up by your loudly buzzing alarm clock, the mi Band 2 has a vibrating alarm that will gently wake you up each morning—or after a much-needed nap.On the bottom of the band, you’ll find the built-in optical heart rate monitor which has been enhanced from its sibling. While you may discover that when it tracks your resting heart rate, the beats per minute are a bit off, it does a pretty decent job of tracking your heart rate while hiking, sprinting or slowly jogging. You’ll also be happy khổng lồ see that you can use automatic heart rate tracking while you’re sleeping và get more precise details, but keep in mind that doing this will really drain your battery.

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3. Mi Fit App

Xiaomi created a new interface for their tiện ích upgrade. When the mày Fit phầm mềm was first released, it had performance và syncing problems; but those have been fixed, và now the ứng dụng connects, performs & updates smoothly. Ngươi Fit also has a very clear layout, is attractive and simple lớn use.

When you xuất hiện the app, you’ll notice a dashboard that displays today’s activity, the most up-to-date heart rate measurement, your night’s sleep and your most recent series of goals you achieved. In each of these categories, you can view graphs by day, week & month. Under each graph’s timeline, you’ll find that it’s broken down into sleep, activity and walk. For activity and walk you can survey distance, steps, burned calories & time. However, unlike other fitness apps, there isn’t any way of grouping or editing this data. We think it’s awesome that the phầm mềm allows you to lớn set a weight goal as well as a daily step goal.

Go into the “Behavior Tagging” menu by tapping “Play” in the app, và you’ll discover a broad menu of activity & workout programs; they range from driving và brushing teeth lớn sit-ups and table tennis. To provide a description of your day, each one will constantly track your heart rate and movement. However, not everything you vày is displayed in these graphs, và if you’re not running or walking, it won’t be counted toward your daily goal. So we’re not entirely sure how useful things like brushing your teeth or making your bed really are.

There’s a neat feature that didn’t exist in the previous version of mày Fit. There are two profiles for running lớn choose from outdoor and treadmill (indoor), both with constant heart rate tracking. Each profile will give you a zone alert for achieving a certain heart rate and, if you’re running outdoors, there’s also a zone alert for achieving a certain pace. How cool is that?

While there isn’t any feedback, encouragement or advice from the app, you can get all of these by sharing your progress on social media or social fitness platforms.

4. A Few Extras

Although this isn’t a smartwatch that’ll give you tons of notifications, the mi Band 2 will vibrate—most of the time—to inform you when you have a phone hotline or text. The screen will even show an icon if you receive notifications from mi Talk, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, mi Fit, Snapchat, & Twitter.The Smart Unlock feature is something most fitness trackers don’t have. But when your app android or iPhone is configured using the ngươi Fit app, the ngươi Band 2 lets you unlock your phone without the use of a fingerprint or PIN. Now that’s amazing!You’ll find with this tracker that the battery life is outstanding. It lasts trăng tròn days before needing a charge. Wow!

5. It's available on Fitness Platform

We all know how frustrating it may be when the vast majority of your family & friends have a different fitness tracker than you. Imagine all your crowd challenging & motivating each other on the Fitbit platform và leave you out of it? Well, the super good news is that from now on you can connect your favourite mày Band directly lớn with no more third-party apps, & take your revenge.


Sure, the Xiaomi ngươi Band 2 isn’t without its flaws—but what fitness tracker is? Maybe it lacks other features that the big-name trackers have. But when you figure that the ngươi Band 2 is just as accurate as those big names for a lot less price, how could the average person who uses a thể hình go wrong?