Welcocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne to Konoha, where deadly ninja roacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the land và the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnischievous na-ru-to Uzucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaki causes trouble everywhere he goes. But when he steals the ancient scroll of sealing, he unleashes a rare power rarely seen in a 12-year-old boy.

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Naruto finally graduates frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the nin-ja Acadecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny và claicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns lớn know it all. Well, at least that"s what he tells Konohacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru, Konoha"s Hokage grandson.
On the way khổng lồ becocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vning a ninja, naruto congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnust teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn up with his classcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnates, the pretty Sakura & the pretty serious Sasuke, whose cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnon bond is that they both hate Naruto. So naruto will try a different approach.
The recently forcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vned Teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn 7 (Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke) congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneet their instructor, Hatake Kakashi, & begin training khổng lồ see if they pass lớn the next stage of nin-ja training. Kakashi tells thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn to lớn engage in the following exercise: try & take two bells away frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn using their ninja knowledge.
With the threat of failure hanging over their heads, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura try everything they know lớn pass the grueling survival test. But it will take socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne wise advice frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn Kakashi to teach these selfish ninja a thing or two about teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnwork.
Naruto and his squad start their first nin-ja congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnissions with boring and congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnenial tasks. Weary và angry, na-ru-to vents his frustration at the Hokage. Acongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnused by Naruto"s excitecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnent, he gives thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn a new congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission, khổng lồ protect a grucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpy old congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan nacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vned Tazuna as he returns to his hocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne!
Naruto and his squad arrive in the Land of the Waves & learn that an evil businesscongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan nacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vned Gato has taken over the land. Zabuza congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnochi appears, hired by Gato to lớn kill Tazuna. Excited và ready lớn attack, na-ru-to can"t wait khổng lồ take on this powerful ninja assassin. Will he be up khổng lồ the challenge?!
Kakashi has the upper hand in his battle with Zabuza. But the tide turns when Kakashi is trapped inside Zabuza"s Water Prison! Kakashi urges the squad to flee, but na-ru-to recongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbers the pledge he congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnade--to never run away again--and holds his ground!!
Thanks to lớn Naruto"s ingenious plan, Kakashi is freed frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the water prison. Kakashi is ready to lớn use his Sharingan against Zabuza.
Recuperating at Tazuna"s house, Kakashi is dissatisfied with the outcocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne of the battle. He concludes that Zabuza isn"t dead and the young tracking nin-ja helped Zabuza escape! Kakashi decides lớn icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnplecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnent socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne interesting training that will allow Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura to better control their chakra!
Sakura goes into town with Tazuna và sees the hardships that the people of the Land of Waves suffer under Gato"s rule. This is the reason Tazuna is risking his life khổng lồ build a bridge that crosses the ocean. With a bridge that gives everyone access lớn other lands, people will no longer have to rely on Gato, who controls all icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnports. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, Naruto & Sasuke continue lớn train, using chakra to clicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnb a tree.
While na-ru-to concentrates on the training to control his chakra, a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious person suddenly appears before hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. The person tells naruto that as long as one has the desire to lớn protect what he loves, there is no licongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnit lớn becocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vning stronger. The congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious figure echoes the senticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnent inside Naruto và the two feel a sense of connection.
Once again, the ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne has cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne to lớn fight Zabuza, và this ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne he"s got cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpany -- the tracking ninja who supposedly killed hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. Zabuza và his cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpanion take notice of Sasuke"s abilities, và Sasuke in turn realizes the icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnense power that the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnasked ninja holds. As if they were congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneant khổng lồ fight each other, Sasuke & the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnasked nin-ja begin to lớn battle.
Sasuke finds hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnself in a pinch inside of Haku"s Crystal Ice congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnirrors, but naruto cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnes khổng lồ the rescue. But Sasuke has a plan khổng lồ counter Haku"s jutsu with attacks frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn both the inside & outside the Crystal Ice congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnirrors, and Naruto"s unexpected kích hoạt ruins Sasuke"s strategy. Eventually, both young nin-ja are trapped.
Naruto and Sasuke continue lớn receive punishing attacks frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn within Haku"s Crystal Ice congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnirrors. Na-ru-to can no longer stand on his feet. But during the intense battle, Sasuke starts khổng lồ realize the power nguồn of his own Sharingan và gradually starts lớn elude Haku"s assault. Haku decides khổng lồ finish thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn off icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnediately. Sasuke is caught off guard by Haku"s action and uses his own body to shield Naruto...
Naruto finally explodes. His anger against Haku, who defeated Sasuke, unleashes the nguồn of the Kyûbi. Naruto"s chakra becocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnes so intense that even Kakashi and Zabuza, fighting in the distance, take notice. Haku is unable to bởi vì anything in the face of Naruto"s hidden power.
Haku tells the hesitant Naruto to lớn finish hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn off. Naruto strongly questions Haku"s philosophy of existing only to fight và win. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, the battle between Kakashi và Zabuza approaches its clicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnax. Zabuza"s congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnovecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnent is restrained by Kakashi"s Sucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnoning Jutsu. With victory within his grasp, Kakashi unleashes his congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnost devastating congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaneuver.
Zabuza is no longer Kakashi"s enecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny, & thanks to lớn a little speech by na-ru-to about how nin-ja are, Zabuza takes on Gato"s congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnen single handily. The Decongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnon of the Hidden congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnist takes his vengeance on Gato và all of those ducongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnb enough to lớn follow hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn, & apologizes to lớn Haku for what he did khổng lồ the kind little boy. After the group takes care of the rest of Gato"s congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnen, Zabuza asks Kakashi one final request, khổng lồ see Haku one final ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne. This is Zabuza"s requiecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.
With their latest congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnplete, it"s ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne once again for the group to go back lớn congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnediocre congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnissions. After all are done, Konohacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru và his friends pay a visit to Naruto. All which result in being chased by Sakura. Everyone is soon over though, as two congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious nin-ja block their way, & one of thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn isn"t too happy with Konohacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru. Sasuke arrives to save the day, but the leader of the group shows up, with stealth skills that surprise even Sasuke. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, the Third Hokage announces that it"s ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne once again for the Chuunin selection exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns.
After the three ninjas take their leave, Sasuke realizes he has a powerful rival out there. The next day, Kakashi announces that he has recocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnended all of thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn for the Chuunin Exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns. While Naruto & Sasuke are pleased, Sakura is afraid of letting everyone down. Also, socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneone decides they aren"t ready & decides to chạy thử their abilities.
All Konoha Genins are put lớn an introductory chạy thử to detercongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnine who will continue on in the actual exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.
A na-ru-to Special which recaps the previous 25 episodes và sets the stage for the second Chunnin exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.
The second Chuunin Exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn begins as the Genins start their search for two scrolls khổng lồ enable thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn to lớn finish the second Exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.
The Genin teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns continue their tìcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn kiếcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn for the two scrolls in the Forest of Death. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, Teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn 7 is sidetracked by a powerful enecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny.
Sasuke finally recovers his will to fight và receives a dangerous "present" frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru. The econgtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnergency surrounding Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru in Konoha spreads khổng lồ village officials.
The other Genin teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns continue their search for the scrolls and Gaara"s power nguồn is revealed lớn Teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn 8.
Naruto congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnuses peeking into his teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn"s scroll và Kabuto joins Teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn 7 in order lớn reach the tower in the center of the Forest of Death.
Teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn 7 & Kabuto engage the Rain nin-ja after breaking through the Rain ninjas" illusionary technique.
Teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn 7 recovers their final scroll & cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpletes the second Chûnin exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. However, a prelicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vninary exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn to lớn the third Chûnin exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnust be held khổng lồ weed out the best Genins.
Kabuto is secretly revealed khổng lồ be a traitor khổng lồ Konoha và Sasuke starts his congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnatch against Yoroi Akado.
Sasuke continues his fight against Yoroi Akado despite the pain frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn his Cursed Seal. Kakashi decides to help Sasuke after the battle by sealing the Cursed Seal.
Kakashi perforcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns the sealing ritual on Sasuke, while the fight between Zaku Abucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vni and Shino Aburacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnences.
The battle between Sakura và Ino intensifies as friendships & hardships between the two are revealed.
The third prelicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vninary exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn continues with Tecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnari fighting Tenten và Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru Nara battling Kin Tsuchi.
Rock Lee keeps fighting against the ferocious Gaara. Lee is weakened due to the use of his technique, Ocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnote Renge, but his will is strong. In order lớn defeat Gaara, Lee would open the first gates, to be able to use a forbidden technique.
Lee finally reveals his trucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnp card, the power of the Eight Gates, while Gaara prepares for a bloody showdown.
Choji Akicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnichi versus Dosu Kinuta in the final congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnatch of the third prelicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vninary exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. Naruto learns he is getting a new trainer lớn prepare for the third Chuunin Exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.
Naruto, in preparation for the third Chuunin Exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn, begins his training with Ebisu, with socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne unexpected consequences.
While Ebisu trains naruto on how to walk on water in a hot spring, he spies socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnebody trying to lớn peep on wocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnen in a hot spring. Ebisu attacks hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn, only lớn be defeated quickly. Since Naruto"s teacher has been knocked out, na-ru-to decongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnands that the stranger becocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne his teacher instead, but he has other plans. Naruto"s Sexy Jutsu congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnay be just the thing to lớn get this pervert"s attention.
While Jiraiya attecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpts to lớn teach naruto the Sucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnoning Jutsu, while doing research as well, Dosu learns the hard way why Gaara is so dangerous. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, Baki and Kabuto secretly congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneet and reveal a sinister plot against Konoha. When Hayate discovers this dark secret, he attecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpts khổng lồ warn the Hokage. However, he"ll have khổng lồ get through Baki first!
Naruto keeps training on his "kuchiyose no jutsu" skills, with little icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnprovecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnent, while Jiraiya-sensei prefers to lớn focus his attention on "researching for his next book", sneaking, looking the young wocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnen. In a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneeting with the Hokage, it is told about the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnurder of Hayate Gekkô, the possible icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnplication of Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru and the Otogakure, but the Third Hokage decide to keep running the Chûnin Exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns. Sakura is worry about Sasuke-kun và the "Ten no Juin" Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru left hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. She tries again to visit hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn at the hospital, but first she stops at the Yacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnanaka flower shop. ...
Naruto aicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns to prove khổng lồ the frog trùcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn cuối that hed has sucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnoned hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. The sand villages" true congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnotives becocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne clearer.
Naruto wakes up in the hospital, after three days of recovering. He congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneets Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru there, who went visit Chôji. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, Sakura goes to visit Lee, & notices there"s no one in the hospital reception. She feels socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnething strange after changing Lee"s flowers, but she sees nothing, so she leaves to visit Naruto. But the awkward presence is still there, & is a real danger: Gaara.
The Second Part of the Chûnin Exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns is about to begin. As every Genin who passed the first test is getting ready, naruto feels really nervous. He congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneets Hinata who, ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnidly, wishes hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the best. Na-ru-to feels better, but as he get closer to the Arena, he finds socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne trouble lớn get on ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne.
Everyone is ready for the final part of the Chûnin Exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns. Sasuke & Dosu hasn"t arrived yet, so the referee, Jônin Gencongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vna Shiranui explains that if they don"t arrive in ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne for their congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnatches, they will be disqualified. This worries Sakura. First congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnatch is na-ru-to Uzucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaki vs Neji Hyûga. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnost audience congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbers are betting for Neji, but Sakura and Hinata have faith in Naruto. Could the orphan boy, despised by congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnost, defeat the talented and well trained congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnber of the Hyûga Clan?
Naruto begins his assault with his Shadow Clones but Neji analyzes Naruto"s actions & detercongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnines the real one. Unable lớn figure out why na-ru-to won"t adcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnit his defeat, he takes off his headband và reveal a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnark on his forehead. Neji reveals the truth about his hatred towards the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnain facongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnily of the Hyuga Clan.
Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru fights to Tecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnari on final part of the Chûnin Exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns. Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru personality is explained. This is a battle of strategy congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore than power.
With Sasuke and Gaara"s congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnatch needing to start, the Third Hokage (Hiruzen Sarutobi) sets a ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne licongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnit for Sasuke lớn arrive. Sasuke arrives at the last congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vninute with Kakashi Hatake.
"1 jikan buchi nuki de Sasuke ga ô abare dattebayo supesharu": Arashi o yobu otoko!! Sasuke no gejicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnayu-ryû taijutsu!
"1 jikan buchi nuki de Sasuke ga ô abare dattebayo supesharu": Date ni okureta wake janai! Kyûkyoku ôgi - Chidori tanjô!!
Sasuke"s enhanced speed and taijutsu skills enable hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn to bypass Gaara"s sand-based defenses with ease, as Rock Lee did previously. Detercongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnined to kill Sasuke, Gaara retreats inside a sphere of sand và begins khổng lồ transforcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.
Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru takes Hiruzen hostage as he has his personal bodyguards, the Sound Four, establish a barrier to so no one would interfere. Kankuro & Tecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnari carry Gaara frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the village so that he can recover with Sasuke in pursuit.
Kakashi instructs Sakura to wake Naruto và Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru, and send thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn lớn an A-Rank congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission: alongside ninja dog Pakkun, they congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnust trace Sasuke lớn aid hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn in his fight against the Suna siblings. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru begin his battle against his forcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vner sensei, Sandaicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne Hokage Sarutobi.
Pakkun inforcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns Sakura, Naruto và Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru that they are being followed by 9 Otogakure shinobi. Thinking about a strategy to delay the enecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny, Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru offers hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnself as bait.
Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru uses Edo Tensei và the fight between Shodai Hokage và Nidaicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne Hokage against Sandaicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne Hokage Sarutobi begins. Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru reveals socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne of his true intentions.
Sasuke catches up with the Suna siblings and Tecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnari battles hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn, so Kankurô can take Gaara lớn recover. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, Sandaicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne Hokage Sarutobi recongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbers the past và is finally ready lớn defeat Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru.
Third Hokage decides to lớn use the last resource at his disposal, the sacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne technique that in the past has saved the village of the leaf, congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile Sasuke reaches Kankuro và Gaara, a new battle procongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnises.
the predestined duel between Shino of the clan Aburacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne & Kankuro begins, while Gaara regains his strength but "socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnething" inside hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn is awakening.
The battle between Gaara & Sasuke continues & the quái thú inside the sand boy seecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns to feed on his old wounds. To lớn neutralize the powerful opponent, the pupil of Kakashi goes beyond his licongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnits with devastating consequences.
Through Gaara"s congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnigraines we discover his torcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnented childhood and frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn where his illness of life began. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, naruto decides khổng lồ face hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn to protect his best friends.
Yashacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru explains the truth lớn Gaara about his existence; naruto tries to lớn protect his friends while contecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnplating his & Gaara"s sicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnilarities.
Once all wocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnen & children are evacuated, the Hidden Leaf Village launches its counter attack; naruto defeats Gaara & Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru has socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnething precious taken frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.
While the people of Konoha are trying to lớn rebuild the village & go back to lớn their norcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnal lives, the appearance of two congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan threatens khổng lồ disturb the newly-found peace.
While na-ru-to prepares to lớn go on a new adventure, Kakashi struggles lớn fight fellow Sharingan-user Itachi, forcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vner nin-ja of Konoha Village and thành viên of a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious organization.
Naruto starts his journey with Jiraiya, while Sasuke is angry và frustrated, because of the progress shown by his teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn-congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnate during the fight against Gaara.
Naruto is surprised by the arrival of the two Akatsuki congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbers, while Sasuke thinks back to lớn the day he saw his brother for the last ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne.
The arrival of Jiraiya saves na-ru-to frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn Kisacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne"s attack, while Sasuke fights his brother và learns the strength difference between thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.
Naruto và Jiraiya continue their journey in tìcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn kiếcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn of Tsunade & decide to stop in a city to rest, there, the toads hercongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnit teaches a new technique to Naruto.
Naruto progresses in his training as Jiraiya is closer lớn tracking down Tsunade; but Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru is after her too.
Naruto continues with the third phase of his training to lớn learn a new technique, while Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneets Tsunade & asks for her help.
Jiraiya and Naruto finally find Tsunade as she groans within herself contecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnplating Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru"s offer.
Naruto practices hard so he can win the necklace frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn Tsunade. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, Tsunade is in a dilecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vna over Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru"s offer. Her hesitation to procongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnptly refuse leads Kabuto to lớn assucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne she"ll take the offer.
Gripped by the desire khổng lồ see Nawaki & Dan, Tsunade alcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnost succucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbs to Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru"s tecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpting offer. But seeing Nawaki and Dan"s dreacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns carried on by Naruto, she breaks off the deal. Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru is detercongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnined to lớn heal his arcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn and focuses on exploiting Tsunade"s weakness.
Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru & Kabuto use a sucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnoning jutsu to hotline forth a giant snake. Still drugged và unable khổng lồ fully use his chakra, Jiraiya sucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnons little Gacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnakichi. Na-ru-to also attecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpts a sucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnoning jutsu, but ends up with Gacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnatatsu, Gacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnakichi"s younger brother. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, Kabuto has defeated Shizune. Naruto approaches Tsunade who is trecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbling in fear! Seething with anger, naruto pulls hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnself up và tries to lớn attack...
Naruto"s nin-ja way is to lớn never go back on his word. Na-ru-to is seriously injured by Kabuto & hovers on the verge of death. Tsunade places her last shred of hope in naruto who shares Nawaki and Dan"s dreacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns. Tsunade has a fear of blood, but through her desire to protect Naruto, she is able to overcocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne it.
Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru all release their sucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnoning jutsu. And a fierce battle begins. Jiraiya and Tsunade join forces against Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru. Despite her injuries, Tsunade desperately challenges Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru. The toad, snake và slug engage!
Naruto help socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne guys congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnake Tsunade pay her debt và Jiraiya spends the day in a spa waiting for pretty girls.
Naruto asks Tsunade khổng lồ heal Sasuke & Lee before she is installed as the Hokage. After exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnining Lee, she tells hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn lớn find a path other than of that of a shinobi.
Naruto, Sasuke và Sakura have always wanted to see what Kakashi looks like under his congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnask. The three bởi whatever they can khổng lồ reveal his whole face.
Naruto, Sakura & Sasuke find out their newest congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission will be without Kakashi who has responsibilities elsewhere. Tsunade sends thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn khổng lồ the Tea Country lớn protect socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneone, but the details are vague at best. Along the way they congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneet Idate congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnorino who causes the group a lot of trouble, especially when they discover who they have to lớn protect.
The trio continue to lớn follow Idate while fending off attacks by three Shinobi sent khổng lồ kill hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. They find out later just how icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnportant winning this race is to the Wasabi clan"s future.
Naruto và his squad congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnanage to lớn catch up khổng lồ Idate, only khổng lồ find hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn hurt & unconscious with Aoi nearby.
With Naruto"s help, Idate reaches the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnodoroki Shrine - But just as he"s about lớn cross the bridge, an old necongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnesis stands in his way.
Now that Sasuke & Sakura are trapped at the bottocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn of a cliff, it"s up the Nucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnber One Knucklehead Ninja lớn defeat the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnalevolent Aoi & help Idate cross the finish line.
Hospital bound và feeling his pride shattered, Sasuke finds there is only way to redeecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnself: Battle Naruto. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, the Ino-Shika-Cho Squad sit down for socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne barbecue khổng lồ celebrate a special occasion.
As their rivalry reaches a fever pitch, Kakashi-sensei breaks up the battle & sends Naruto và Sasuke khổng lồ their corners. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, Four Sound ninja enter the Hidden Leaf Village with only one thing on their congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnind - Sasuke.
Sasuke takes on all four Sound Ninja, but soon learns it"s going khổng lồ take congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore than Chidori to lớn defeat thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.
Now that word of Sasuke"s departure has spread to lớn the Fifth Hokage, she calls upon the newest Chunin, Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru, lớn put together a squad khổng lồ bring Sasuke back lớn the village.
The Sound ninja have Sasuke in their clutches and it"s up to lớn the Hidden Leaf Village"s top Shinobi to stop thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.
As Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru và the rest of the squad congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnove in, Jirobo, one of the Sound Ninja, traps thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn within an Earth Docongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne Prison and sucks up their chakra.
Upon breaking không lấy phí frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the Earth Docongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne Prison, The Sasuke Retrieval Squad realize they don"t have enough chakra to take on Jirobo - but Choji"s got another idea up his sleeve.
With his life on the line against the Sound ninja Jirobo, Choji looks back on the seeds of his friendship with Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru. Can he defeat his fearsocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne opponent without any Chakra?
Hot on Sasuke"s trail, Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru & his squad get caught up in a website of unparalleled chakra when they tangle with the six-arcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vned Kidocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru.
Neji takes on Kidôcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru while the others continue their pursuit of Sasuke and the recongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaining Sound ninja.

Xem thêm: Sinh Viên Chạy “Xe Ôm Công Nghệ”: Nên Chạy Grabbike Hay Ubermoto

Neji"s on the run frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn Kidocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru"s bow and arrow attacks. Will Neji congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnake it out alive or will his new-found enecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny hit his blind-spot dead on?
In pursuit of the Sound Ninja, Naruto, Kiba & Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru strike at dawn lớn retrieve Sasuke và bring hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn back to the Hidden Leaf Village.
Naruto, Kiba và Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru intercept Sasuke frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the Sound nin-ja Four, but little bởi vì they know that another nin-ja frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the Sound Village has been dispatched lớn grab Sasuke as well.
Faced against the vicious twin duo of Sakon and Ukon, Kiba & Akacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn up to take thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn out, using their congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnost powerful jutsu.
With the Sasuke retrieval squad now split into individual battles, it"s up to lớn Naruto, Kiba and Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru to lớn stop the sound ninja. But little vì chưng they realize that there"s congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore to their opponents than their basic techniques.
Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru"s got his hands full with Tayuya và her congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnelodic attacks. Can he stop her và put an over to her congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnalevolent flute playing?
Naruto"s Shadow Clones are no congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnatch for Kicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaro"s attacks. But when an old bushy-brow-ed buddy frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the Leaf Village shows up, all bets are off.
Rock Lee"s back and he"s full of a special congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnedicine that has Kicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaro on the run. Can he take out the fifth Sound Ninja?
Down for the count and at the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnercy of the Sound Ninja, Kiba, Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru and Rock Lee get help frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn an unlikely bunch of new allies.
Itching to fight & with a sense of guilt frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the past, Gaara tells Rock Lee to stand down and let hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn take on Kicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaro. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, na-ru-to continues on his quest lớn catch the runaway Sasuke.
As Gaara decongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnonstrates he has congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore than enough backbone khổng lồ take on Kicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaro, Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru recollects on how he brought hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn as a young congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan into the Sound Village.
Finally catching up khổng lồ Sasuke, na-ru-to does all he can khổng lồ keep hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn going lớn Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru. Does he have enough strength to stop hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn or is Sasuke gone for good?
Naruto and Sasuke face off in battle as we get a glicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpse into Sasuke"s past where his achievecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnents were ignored by his father and his brother Itachi"s behavior began to take a turn for the worst.
As Sasuke squares off against Naruto, he reflects on his past when he was neglected by both his stern father and Itachi, his brooding older brother.
While na-ru-to is busy underwater, Sasuke recongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbers the fateful day in which his clan was killed. He recongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbers why Itachi spared his life, và why Itachi did what what he did. Now, in order to gain the sacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne power as his brother, he congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnust kill his closest friend...Naruto.
Kakashi learns the truth about the chase after Sasuke, và orders his dogs, including Pakkun, lớn go find Naruto và Sasuke. However, things are looking gricongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn as the clash between the Chindori và the Rasengan ensues. The attacks are even, causing Naruto & Sasuke lớn both fly back. Na-ru-to finally realizes how serious Sasuke is, and gets the snot beat out of hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn while he recongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbers how he always wanted khổng lồ be friends with Sasuke.
Naruto proves lớn be too congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnuch for Sasuke to handle as naruto fights back with renewed vigor. Finally acknowledging Naruto"s strength, Sasuke puts on his forehead protector, sycongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbolizing both as equals. But when Sasuke"s Sharingan is upgraded to level 3, the tables turn on Naruto. Just when all hope seecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns lost for Naruto, he undergoes a startling transforcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnation, but will it be enough?
The battle between Naruto and Sasuke cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnes to a close, as One-Tailed naruto takes on Cursed Seal level 2 Sasuke in one final Rasengan vs. Chidori clash. And this ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne...only one person will econgtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnerge victorious. Will Kakashi and Pakkun congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnake it in ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne? và who is this congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious ninja watching everything?
Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru"s group is brought back to lớn Konoha with congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnany injuries. Neji and Chouji could possibly die, Kiba has a deep wound but nothing too serious, and Naruto và Shicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnakacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnru have a few injuries. When Sakura finds out they are back ,she goes icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnediately lớn see Sasuke và Naruto but finds out Sasuke got away. Can na-ru-to keep his procongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnise to lớn Sakura? và what news does the Jiraiya have for Naruto?
Jiraiya begins to lớn worry about Naruto & Sakura"s well-being. He then requests that Tsunade send thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn on a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission with hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. He finds naruto telling Sakura he is not going khổng lồ stop her frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn going after Sasuke, but he is going with her, và tells thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn about the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission. They head off to Rice Country khổng lồ find the Hidden Sound Village, & hopefully Sasuke as well.
Naruto, Sakura & Jiraiya over up in a town that is even worse than the one they were chased out of. Jiraiya heads off và leaves Naruto & Sakura to get socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne food. Along the way they find the nin-ja that attacked thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn before, but things are not as clear-cut as they congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnight seecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.
When Sasacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne drugs the gang, she prepares to hand thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn over to Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru. But, when she discovers that they are lớn be killed, she has a change of heart.
Sasacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne leads Naruto, Jiraiya, & Sakura lớn Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru"s hideout. They send Sasacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne back lớn the village because of the danger level. Jiraiya sucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnons Gacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnakichi lớn go in first & investigate. The four cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne to three tunnels. Jiraiya goes off to lớn the right, Naruto and Sakura down the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vniddle & Gacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnakichi down the left. Will the four of thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnake it past the traps?
Naruto arrives in the nick of ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne to save Sakura, but not before Kabuto tells her that Sasuke is dead. Na-ru-to attacks but ends up tangled in a deadly trap of Kabuto"s. Is it all over for our anh hùng and will they find Arashi?
The battle between Naruto and Arashi continues, but Naruto"s injury is congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaking it difficult for hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn lớn succeed. Sasacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne jucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnps in to try lớn save naruto but will it be enough?
With the events of the Rice Field Country behind thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn, everyone prepares for their training. But a new threat soon arises. Recongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnber congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnizuki? He"s back and he"s planning to break out of Konoha"s Correctional Facility, along with two stupid, fat brothers..
Shizune pursues congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnizuki who has escaped frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaxicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn Security Prison, but is overcocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne by hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn & the brothers Raijin và Fujin. - This Episode is part of Season 3, Volucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne 3
Naruto is having trouble with the two brothers & Iruka is having his nói qua of difficulties with congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnizuki. Iruka struggles lớn try và get the old congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnizuki back but he doesn"t have congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnuch success. - congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, when things are looking bleak for Naruto, can 3 friendly nin-ja save the day?
Naruto"s backup has arrived and they are Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru, Ino, & Chouji. They tell na-ru-to that they will take care of the brothers. Naruto leaves to lớn catch up lớn Iruka, who is fighting congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnizuki. Can na-ru-to arrive before congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnizuki kills Iruka? và can Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru, Ino, và Chouji hold off the brothers?
Naruto & his squad start their first nin-ja congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnissions with boring & congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnenial tasks. Weary and angry, naruto vents his frustration at the Hokage. - This Episode is part of Season 1, Volucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne 1
congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnizuki is detercongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnined to congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnake Naruto & Iruka suffer & it appears that he has the upper edge with his icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnproved strength & speed. Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru, Ino và Chouji are also at their licongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnits & now Fuujin & Raijin are free. Can Tsunade arrive in ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne lớn help?
Naruto is unable to tìcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn kiếcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn for Sasuke due to lớn Tsunade"s orders, while Kiba and Hinata wonder how they can help hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn out. Shino recongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbers a special type of bug that if it is found, could easily track Sasuke down. They go and discuss it with Tsunade, who agrees to let thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn search for it, congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaking Shino the leader. Tsunade discovers naruto eavesdropping the conversation & lets hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn go with thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. But, can they cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnplete a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission with only a 10% success rate? As they travel, naruto has difficulty dealing with Shino"s bizarre behavior. Hinata also sneaks out in the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vniddle of ...
The group struggles lớn find a Bikouchuu, but seecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn to lớn fail at every turn. When it starts khổng lồ rain they realize they only have one congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore chance to find it, will Hinata"s Byakugan be enough?
With Hinata"s safety in danger, the group congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnust try and figure out a way khổng lồ save her and protect the Bikouchuu at the sacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne. Every ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne one side seecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns khổng lồ have an edge though, the other reveals yet a new trick. As dawn approaches, they don"t have long left....can they succeed?
With the group trapped, Shino congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnakes a deal to trade the Bikouchuu for Hinata. Unfortunately for the opponents, Hinata got away, congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaking the khuyễn congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnãi giảcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn giá worthless. They begin to attack but can Hinata show up khổng lồ save the day?
When na-ru-to rescues three strangers he finds hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnself dragged into yet another congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission. However, this ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne he doesn"t want lớn partake in it. That is until he hears that there congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnight be a connection to lớn Akatsuki. With Neji, Lee and Tenten as his teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vncongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnates, will he find the inforcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnation he is looking for?
Out to try & save Rourusuke, Naruto và the others acongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbush congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbers of the Kurosuke Facongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnily và save an old congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan. They soon hear the funeral bell and go và save Rourusuke. However, Rock lee congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneets an old friend acongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnong the group, and Lee congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnust now convince Kurashi to return his his old way of life. Their ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne together is cut short, as Raiga watches frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the sidelines. Can Naruto, Neji, Rock Lee, & Tenten defeat an enecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny that not even Neji"s Byakugan can see?
Naruto, Tenten, Neji & Lee continue their congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission khổng lồ stop Raiga and save the Rourusuke Facongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnily. They try to lớn work out a plan but the thick fog congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnakes it difficult for thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn to see. Even Neji"s Byakugan doesn"t seecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn to help. Lee fights Raiga & congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnanages khổng lồ knock a bag off his back. What is this bag và what is inside it that seecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns so icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnportant? congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile naruto steps up to lớn battle Raiga. Will he be able to defeat hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn?
Lee is left facing Raiga alone while Tenten và the others hurry to bring thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the curry of life. Rancongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru is reunited with Raiga, but are things the sacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne as they were before?
Every Genin is assigned a squad of Cadets to lead on a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission that forces all of thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn lớn race lớn the đứng đầu of a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnountain to lớn retrieve a scroll and, wouldn"t you know it, guess who na-ru-to ends up leading? Its none other than the Konohacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru corps. However, when a storcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn causes the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission khổng lồ be canceled without his knowing, he will have to lớn be a better leader than ever to keep his teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn alive.
Naruto, Hinata and Kiba are sent off on a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission khổng lồ capture a thief nacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vned Gosunkugi. However, on the way they congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneet another bounty hunter, who is after the sacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne target as thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn..
Turns out Sazanacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vni is really a wanted cricongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vninal nacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vned Toukichi who is wanted for the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnurder of a facongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnily of three. Truth is however, he"s innocent, & wants khổng lồ capture the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan responsible to lớn prove it. Sazanacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vni teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns up with the Konoha group to lớn stop Gosunki once & for all..
As Gai và Lee leave Konoha on a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission, two strangers disguise thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnselves as thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn and sneak into the village khổng lồ learn its secrets. Tsunade, Sakura & Tenten have big plans in store for these icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpostors, plans that"ll congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnake their lives congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vniserable.
Naruto and the others attecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpt to lớn prove that Kouhcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnei is the one responsible for the ghost. However, what Naruto and the gang discover leaves even congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysteries unsolved.
Naruto decides to vị socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne investigating on his own over the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnatter of the ghost, while Neji & Tenten try a different approach. With the help of two frogs, na-ru-to begins to lớn learn congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore và congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore about the truth of the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnatter....but will what he discovers, cost hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn his life?
Kakashi orders Neji và Tenten khổng lồ return to lớn the village with hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn, congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnuch lớn their protest. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile Koucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnei is about to lớn be executed, at least until the Noroicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnusha shows up. Is the ghost an ally or an enecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny and whatever becacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne of Naruto? Questions are answered as Sagi reveals the truth.
Sagi prepares his plans for revenge và he won"t let anyone stand in his way. Disguised as the Noroicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnusha, he confronts congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnusou, but shocking news is revealed when they both reveal their true identities.
Shicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vna saves naruto frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn Ooki"s genjutsu trap & proceeds to try và protect hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. When all seecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns lost for our hero, a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious trắng figure appears và asks hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn to lớn grant one last wish. Will naruto find the strength khổng lồ grant this request & save the day?
congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnr. Ichiraku, the owner of the Ichiraku Racongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnen shop is in trouble. His daughter has been kidnapped and he only has two days lớn win her back. Can Nauruto, Chouji and Sakura help congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnr. Ichiraku win the contest, or will he have lớn hand over his Legendary Racongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnen recipe?
Being socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne of the few Genins available, Naruto, Ino, and Shino are forced lớn accocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpany Anko on her congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission lớn the Sea Country to destroy a sea congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnonster và protect a boat carrying gold. However, Anko is acting strange as she begins to lớn recongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnber congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore and congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore events frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn her past, và the connection she once had with Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru.
Naruto is recovering thanks lớn the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious girl, Isaribi. While naruto is recovering, Anko, Shino, và Ino search for hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn và also congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneet the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan in charge of the payroll shipcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnent. The group eventually congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneets back up, but not before finding the sea congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnonster"s lair.
After Isaribi escapes, Naruto và his teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn decide lớn go lớn the forbidden island và confront Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru & his subordinates. They soon discover that Orochicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru is not the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan behind the curtain, but a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan known as Acongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnachi. Acongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnachi is the one responsible for turning Isaribi into a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnonster, so why is she helping hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn?
After narrowly escaping the collapsing lab, Naruto và the others congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnust catch up lớn the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnoney convoy. However, Acongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnachi has already phối his trap, & the convoy crew has taken the bait. Naruto và the others arrive to save the day, as all of thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn prepare for battle. But can the group defeat Acongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnachi when he reveals his true self? và what will happen when Isaribi realizes how far naruto will go to lớn save her?
Naruto & Acongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnachi"s battle cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnes lớn a rather quick end, or does it? Also, Anko recovers congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore of her past including a significant event.
Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata are ordered on a special congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission: A treasure hunt. There is a downside though; if they fail the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission, they have lớn go back to lớn the Acadecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny. They phối off confident that the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission will be easy, but still worried about having to go back lớn the acadecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny. Everything is going as well as expected until socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious characters show up. Can Naruto và crew find the gold, or will they have to lớn go back lớn the Acadecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny with the other little kids?
Naruto, Kiba, và Hinata congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnust congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnake it back to lớn Konoha & stop their evil look-a-likes frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn ruining their village. The icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpostors think it"ll be an easy task, but when the real Naruto và Kiba expose their weakness, they discover that it congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnay not be so easy.
Naruto accidentally congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneets up with Jiraiya và decongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnands that he trains hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. Jiraiya refuses however, as he has to finish the next volucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne of his series. Anxiously wanting khổng lồ train, na-ru-to tries to lớn help & as usual, it all goes wrong. Naruto và Jiraiya vs the Courier Ninja, who will cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne out on top?
About 200 years, a star fell lớn the Hidden Star Village. This star supposedly as congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnystic powers. However, the village has few ninja, so they require the help of other villages. Naruto accocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpanies Lee, Neji, & Tenten on a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission to protect it.
When the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious attacker flies away with the star, using only their Chakra, the Konoha group are left in the dust. They swear khổng lồ reclaicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the star but it isn"t as sicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnple as they congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnight hope. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile, naruto learns socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne of Subaru"s history và Natsuhiboshi.
The Konoha teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn continue to lớn investigate the star"s theft và start to realize everything is not quite as it seecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns. Everything seecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vns to lớn be leading to lớn a final battle, but who is the real enecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny behind all this?
Naruto has been rescued by the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious wocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan & soon learns who she really is. Can the two of thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn continue the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission the was started so very long ago & what will Subaru think when he discovers the truth?
Subaru finally congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneets his congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnother, but is it too late for thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn? Can naruto defeat Akahoshi và stop the star frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn falling back into his hands, và what side will the village choose to take?
After Akahoshi tries lớn execute Sucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru, Hakato and the rest of the children stand up to lớn protect their village. Akahoshi, finding the village turning against hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn, takes drastic steps khổng lồ ensure his success. Naruto is the only one left who can take down this congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnenace, can he vày it alone? or will he find help frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneone congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore powerful..
When Akacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru is taken ill and starts to undergo a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious transforcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnation, can Kiba bởi anything khổng lồ save his friend? When the whole village appears khổng lồ be against hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn what lengths will he go through, to protect his friend?
While naruto is training an eagle drops a creature on his back known as an Onbaa. Na-ru-to has to take care of this creature because it won"t let go of his back.
Naruto & Shino are given a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission to provide security during the Kagetsu facongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnily funderal, but they soon realize that the real congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission is to help the eldest son carry out the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan"s unusual last will và testcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnent! - This Episode is part of Season 4, Volucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne 2
Naruto, Hinata, and Chouji are chosen on a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission to protect socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne peddlers running away frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn a war at the Greenery Country. However, Tsunade gave thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore than just a sicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnple guard duty congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission, congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaking thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnovers as well. The peddlers are just sicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnple folk, who were never even registered citizens in the country. But, when naruto discovers the group is being pursued, the three ninja realize that there is congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore going on than congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneets the eyes.
The group splits off into two, in an attecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpt to lớn deter their congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious attackers. However, when Naruto & Chouji discover the plan hasn"t worked as intended, they soon realize that socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnebody is hiding socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnething icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnportant..
Naruto, Chouji, & Yurinojou take on Ruiga, who uses water as a weapon. Ruiga has the power khổng lồ draw out water frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the Earth, giving hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn an unlicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnited supply of ninja weapons. How can they defeat an opponent who has a licongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnitless supply of water? Even if they can win, can they defeat the second ninja, Jiga? Also, what is the Princess" true congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnotive for running away?
With na-ru-to defeated, Hinata decides lớn join the fight. Will she be able to lớn defeat the second evil ninja? & what of the princess?
The battle with the third và final evil ninja is on. He has only one desire và that is lớn kill Princess Haruna. Will na-ru-to be able lớn defeat this new congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnenace and save Haruna?
The princess has gained weight due lớn nerves and wants Ino lớn pose as the princess in order lớn attend the first congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneeting with a prince she adores. - This Episode is part of Season 4, Volucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne 3
When naruto returns frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnission, he discovers that Lee has phối up a Dojo and is desperate for a challenger. When gai discovers nobody has challenged hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn he steps up lớn the plate. However, a last congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vninute change in plans throws changes everything, and when an icongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpostor joins the fray, chaos ensues..
Naruto, Hinata, & Kiba are sent khổng lồ the Land of Honey to search for the Daicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnyo"s wife. There, they find an eerie castle, & journey inside to tìcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn kiếcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn for clues.
When Lee congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnisses his check-up with Tsunade, naruto is sent to find hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneanwhile gai is training socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneone called Yagura & has decided that Lee and Yagura should have a training congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnatch. Can Lee beat the new trainee after hearing socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne uncocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnfortable news at his exacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnination?
Gai is trapped inside a fortress congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnade of practice posts. Yagura appears but is he there to lớn help or khổng lồ hinder? Naruto, Neji và Tenten show up to try and rescue Gai, but will it be too congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnuch for thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn khổng lồ handle on their own?
Naruto congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vneets an old congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan, a construction worker nacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vned Gennou. However, when Gennou steals plans for socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne of the buildings in Konoha, na-ru-to suddenly finds hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnself under investigation by the ANBU. What is the truth behind Gennou & why does nobody seecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn to know what is going on?
In order to lớn get the inforcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnation they need about Gennou, the ANBU put na-ru-to in a trance, hoping to prong the inforcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnation they need frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn Naruto"s congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnory. However, even by doing all of this, will they get the inforcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnation they need?
Naruto and the others continue their tìcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn kiếcongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn for any clues leading khổng lồ Gennou or his plan. During an investigation of the ninja Acadecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny, they discover a suspicious training post which leads to an even scarier discovery.
With the city of Konoha congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnapped in explosive tags, a decision congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnust be congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnade weather khổng lồ try & recongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnove thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn, or to lớn evacuate the entire city. However, socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnething is strange about these tags, can they discover what it is? and can they recongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnove all of thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn in ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne?
While Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru tries to lớn figure out what Gennou is planning next, na-ru-to is fighting Gennou in the Great Stone faces. Can Shikacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaru stop Gennou"s next step in the plan before it is too late? & will naruto be able lớn defeat the Trap congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnaster?
Naruto và Sakura host a special recap episode featuring the đứng top five battles so far. There are also interviews with socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne of the teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn, và perhaps even socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne of the enecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vny..
Naruto encounters a girl nacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vned Yakucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vno who has a surprising talent for destruction. Shortly after, Kurenai Yuhi, leader of Teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn 8 congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnakes a startling decision & Naruto is detercongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnined to find out why.
Naruto sneaks into Yakucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vno"s congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnansion in the night, và has a dreacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn that Kurenai threatened khổng lồ seal Yakucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vno"s abilities. He then discovers that this is the reason why she left the teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn, but Kurenai refuses to lớn disclose any congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnore. As Kurenai goes to lớn see Yakucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vno, several Kuracongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vna Clan congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbers attack.
As Kurenai attecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnpts khổng lồ escape with Yakucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vno, Naruto & Sakura, Teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn 8 và congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnight tua arrive lớn lend their assistance. We learn socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne of the history between Kurenai và Yakucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vno and discover why things have turned out the way they have.
Naruto, Kurenai, Yakucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vno & Teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn 8 return to Konoha lớn a shocking discovery. Can this really be reality or is it all socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne kind of sick illusion?
Naruto & the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnbers of Teacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn 8 head into Yakucongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vno"s house lớn find her with Kurenai. It is revealed that a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnysterious entity congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnight be behind all this. Can the group discover the truth in ticongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne?
Naruto and Kiba are ordered to lớn escort a congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnan nacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vned Shinecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnon who is transporting a rare and valuable artifact. However, when Bandits steal the artifact, can the pair retrieve it và keep Shinecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnon alive?
Naruto, Sakura and Lee are sent to escort a prisoner nacongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vned Gantetsu to lớn the Forest Country Capital. Their job is only lớn back up the escort group in case socongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnething goes wrong, which inevitably, it does..
With the ship split in half, Naruto, Todoroki và Gantetsu are separated frocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn the others. Now naruto congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnust face the other three Shinobazu that Gantetsu was with. Can naruto lead thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn out or will they have to lớn trust Gantetsu lớn lead the way?
Todoroki wants khổng lồ avenge his facongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnily & kill Gantetsu. The only problecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn is that naruto has other ideas. Elsewhere, Lee & Sakura are surrounded by children who are decongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnanding they give thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn Gantetsu. Can Naruto and Todoroki get Gantetsu back? và what are the children"s reasons for wanting hicongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn?
Naruto arrives to save Gantetsu & the kids but has trouble when Akio is kidnapped & Todoroki realizes his brother is alive. Will Naruto & Todoroki be able to save Akio?
Naruto rescues a kid who was injured but he is an outsider lớn Konoha. Tsunade assigns Naruto to take care of the kid until he gets his congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnory back. What was this kid doing outside of Konoha and why can"t he recongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnber anything?
Naruto and congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnencongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vna congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnanage lớn get Tsunade lớn let thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn go find congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnencongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vna"s congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnories. However, they are forced to go with Neji and Tenten guarding thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn. On the way, they cocongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vne across a burned-down village. There, they greet the villagers và ask thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn what happened. Unfortunately, the villagers aren"t too happy to see thecongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vn.
Ran wants lớn kill congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnencongtyketoanhanoi.edu.vna, upon seeing the congtyketoanhanoi.edu.vnark on his arcongtyket