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I recently purchased a D-Link router & when I try khổng lồ login khổng lồ the admin panel, it was giving an error asking me to input đầu vào the username, even though it was already populated. Learn how to resolve this error.

I"ve been struggling with this error for a long time và it took a while lớn figure out the tricky hack to skip this error & access the admin dashboard on my newly purchased my d-link wireless router.I was happy that I got a good deal for the D-Link router at but that didn"t last long. When I tried to login to the control panel, the user name field was grayed out and was pre-populated with the user name "Admin". However, when I click on the login button, it kept giving me the error "Please đầu vào the User Name". This error was weird because the username field is already populated with the mặc định user name & there was no way for me khổng lồ change it.Bạn đã xem: Sửa lỗi "you tried 2 time, the username or password is


I searched in Google & found out that several others have reported the same problem. This error was reported by someone in Yahoo Answers about 7 years ago. Some people have even reported this in the official diễn đàn of DLink and there were no useful answers. DLink has suggested many options lượt thích clear browser cache, try another browser & so on. After a lot of trial and error, I figured out the mod to skip this error.

How khổng lồ solve the error "Please đầu vào the User Name"

The gian lận to solve this error is, just press enter when you are in the login screen. Place your cursor in the password field & enter the password there. Vị not click on the Login button using your mouse. Instead, press enter on your keyword. This will log you in.

Bạn đang xem: Cách khắc phục lỗi không vào được user/password 192, hướng dẫn cách đổi mật khẩu wifi vnpt igate gw040

Default password for DLink router

If you don"t remember the password for your mydilink wireless router, your only option is to reset the router lớn factory defaults. Use a pin và press for few seconds on the reset hole in the side of the router. Hold the sạc pin pressed until the nguồn button blinks. Then allow 1 minute time lớn reset the router và turn on.The default password for DLink router is empty. After you reset, when you try lớn login, you can leave the password field empty.Have you encountered the error "Please đầu vào the User Name" on your D-Link browser? Did you find any other solution khổng lồ this? Please giới thiệu your experience.Read DLink DIR-506L Pocket Cloud Router review, specifications, set up guide và price


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Thanks a lot for this useful information on how to lớn resolve the error of "input the user name" in a D-link router.

I just enter the password và click on enter button. It is saying username and password is incorrect. Please give the solution for this.

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Guest Author: Surendhra06 Oct 2015

Good post on dealing with router error. Your guidelines worked for me. Thanks.

Guest Author: MLC14 Oct 2015

Hi! Just a thank you - this worked for me too, the important thing for me was lớn click onto the password field, fill it in, but then - as you write - DON"T CLICK, just press enter.2015 & this is still a thing... :)(Mac user, on Chrome)

Guest Author: Venus Cold14 Jan 2016

Perfect. This worked like a charm lớn workaround the annoying error. Thanks a lot!

Guest Author: Charan Reddy17 Aug 2016

I just enter the password và click on enter button. It is saying username & password is incorrect. Please give the solution for this.

Guest Author: Tahir26 Oct 2017

Please help me. I am getting the same username and password wrong message.

Guest Author: praveen07 Dec 2017

im also getting same error lượt thích "username password" was incorrect so please help meis there any solutions if once my router reset then my internet configurations change or not.

Guest Author: Subbu11 Dec 2017

Super...It"s working..Thanks so much for the information :)

Guest Author: Rupesh17 Dec 2017

Help me please, Iam getting error like "Username or password error, try again!" Please give the solution for this... Is there any solutions?

Grevard,Just use the reset button on your router to reset the username và password lớn default. Details on how to vì this come with the user manual or you can call the customer care.