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End Of Zoe takes place a little after Not A hero and so is chronologically the final chapter of Resident Evil 7. We can safely that"s not the way we thought it would end, but the fact that we can still be surprised by such a long-running series is one of the best things we can say about the game and its DLC.

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God is a Geek

Despite an excess of action, the final two DLC episodes feel lượt thích a love letter khổng lồ both the original games and Resident Evil 7 itself. It answers almost every question asked, but leaves a couple unanswered, probably lớn keep RE8 a possibility.

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The Games Machine

No anh hùng and Zoe"s end are fun, and if you have the season pass you will certainly not be bored, but otherwise you could also ignore them and continue to lớn live "serene" và "quiet", closed in the Baker"s mansion! .

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Resident Evil 7"s final round of DLC feels like a step backward. While both Not a hero and kết thúc of Zoe are competently built, they replace the genuine horror & more nuanced characters of the main trò chơi with schlocky action and dumb wish fulfillment. The worst thing that can be said about Not a nhân vật and kết thúc of Zoe is that they leave me feeling uncertain about the future of the series. Let"s hope Capcom hasn"t already forgotten how to do Resident Evil right again.

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Sammy Barker

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard"s over of Zoe expansion offers the kind of tongue-in-cheek silliness only Capcom"s survival horror franchise can provide. Played straight with some pretty serious stakes, the DLC still manages to lớn be downright stupid all at the same time. It"s a wonderful send-off for one of 2017"s greats.

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End of Zoe is a Resident Evil 7 gaiden that replaces guns with fists, herbs with bugs, and grenades with javelins. Becoming a bog frolicking ex-boxer uncle who fights monsters with his bare hands is precisely how I wanted to kết thúc 2017. End of Zoe is temporal, unhinged, and, either by intention or accident (it doesn"t matter), often hilarious.

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End of Zoe is a disappointing DLC. It lasts two hours e show us how to vì chưng a step back from the main game. Joe Baker and his punches are a bad trò chơi design choices that will not convince even the fans of Resident Evil 7.

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Not a hero and over of Zoe both offer different kinds of experiences than the base game, but if you"re a fan hâm mộ of Resident Evil 7 or the series in general, you should definitely give them both a go.

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End of Zoe is an excellent DLC that offers an enjoyable change of pace while providing a satisfying conclusion to Resident Evil 7"s story & its main characters.

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The two story expansions, end of Zoe & Not A Hero, are rather disappointing especially if you have completed the base game, but they all offer their own fun unique twists on the first person gameplay of Resident Evil 7.

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End of Zoe finishes the story of Resident Evil 7 biohazard explaining to us what happened khổng lồ Zoe Baker through her uncle Joe. The character has a unique gameplay based on his fists, which introduces new mechanics. In addition, the campaign has many difficulties, as well as some challenges. Although expensive, you may kết thúc up liking it. Play it without expectations.

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Two enjoyable additions to one of the best games of the year. Over of Zoe introduces Joe & a new and fun fighting system, while Not a anh hùng continues the Lucas story starring Chris Redfield. The light content and lack of polish diminish the experience & make it one only for fans of the game.

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If you expect survival horror lượt thích in the original game, keep away from kết thúc of Zoe. However, if you"re nội dung to simply beat one Molded after another and want to experience the kết thúc of the story on your own, go ahead. Just don"t expect much

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