The eleventh season of the rap audition survival program "Show Me The Money" is underway, và it"s already exciting to lớn see all the contestants và rappers showing off their swag! It"s crazy lớn believe that it"s already the eleventh season, and K-hip-hop has definitely evolved and come a long way since then.Show Me The Money really opened the eyes of thepublic about the genre of hip-hop, & it"s so nice khổng lồ see that it is becoming more and more mainstream. To lớn pay tribute khổng lồ the eleventh season, we are going khổng lồ take a look back & see some of the most iconic Round 1 rap -- this is the round where you are pretty much first discovered, & the talent will be displayed here. So, let"s see which contestants were completely sensational in round 1, and you"ll maybe even see some stars that are big in the Korean hip-hop world today!

Season 5 - BewhY

BewhY ultimately ended up winning the season & has a huge presence in the Korean hip-hop scene today, but his first-round rap was so iconic, và he was at the center of attention just by this one round.

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Season 4 - MINO

Our favorite multi-talented artist MINO showcased his rapping skills on Season 4, & he was absolutely crazy!He completely got rid of the stereotype that idol rappers aren"t real rappers.

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Season 5 - MC Minji

MC Minji, aka Jung Jun Ha, made his rap debut on season 5 of SMTM as well. Judged by SimonDominic, Jung Junha had absolutely no fear in showing his rap skills, portraying that he can bởi more than just entertain!

Season 10 - Mudd the Student

The most recent season had some very quality participants, but no one can beat the uniqueness other thanMudd the Student. Placing in the đứng đầu 4, Mudd showed a whole new side of Korean hip-hop that was quite refreshing.

Season 11 - Lee Young Ji

Fans already knew Youngji was a great rapper but did they know that she was this good? People may have had their doubts, but she completely killed the first round impressing the judges.She truly is one-of-a-kind.

Season 9 - Mushvenom

Talk about some dialect rap - this felt like a trot subgenre of rap. It portrayed that rap isn"t one-dimensional và you can really vị it however you want!

Season 6 - Woo Won Jae

Woo Won Jae had a voice of his own, and it is so amazing the way he can rap with his chất lượng rap style!

What are your thoughts on this list? The eleven seasons of this great audition program have revealed so much talent in the Korean hip-hop world, và it"s crazy lớn think that there are even more out there. Season 11 is already exciting, with plenty of talent going around, và we"re already excited to lớn see who will get the first-place crown! What was your favorite Round 1 rap? Is there a contestant you"re looking forward lớn this season that impressed you in the first rounds? Make sure to lớn let us know in the comments below!