One of the best things about the evasi0n jailbreak, aside from the awesome Cydia apps, is the ability to download Cydia themes to completely change the look of the iPhone.Bạn vẫn xem: Theme đẹp mang đến ios 6

We’ve rounded up some of the best Winterboard themes for quả táo 6, to help users customize the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S và iPhone 4. Many of these themes will also work on the iPhone 3GS, but are optimized for the Retina Display. Ipad tablet users can look for Cydia themes with the same name.

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Cydia themes for game ios 6 work with the miễn phí Winterboard ứng dụng to change many parts of the iPhone, including replacing many icons with better looking, theme matching icons.

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The best Cydia apps typically cost $2.99, though there are some hidden gems for không tính phí or $1.99. To find these Cydia themes tìm kiếm in Cydia and tải về them to lớn the iPhone. Xuất hiện Winterboard to select a Winterboard theme & then apply the theme khổng lồ see it in action. Users will need to tải về the ThemeIt phầm mềm for select themes, but the themes apply in Winterboard like the Cydia themes.

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ayecon Cydia Theme for ios 6.

Ayecon, pronounced icon, is one of the sharpest looking Cydia themes. This theme looks and runs amazing on the iPhone 5 with speedy updates for any bugs.

Ayecon includes themes for the trang chủ screen, lock screen & many apps, like messaging. The theme includes over 120 icons that automatically apply when you turn the theme on. The ứng dụng also comes with beautiful wallpapers.

CarbonX Cydia theme applied with Winterboard on iPhone 5.

CarbonX HD and Carbon X HD Pro are great looking Cydia themes that offer a collection of fun looking icons and theme tweaks khổng lồ change the way your iPhone looks. CarbonX HD works great on the iPhone 5. The CarbonX HD Pro version includes multiple icon styles and màu sắc choices. CarbonX HD Pro is $2.99.

Fifty Foot Shadows HD

Fifty Foot Shadows HD Cydia Theme on iPhone 5.


ARC’d HD on the iPhone 5.

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The ARC’d HD Cydia theme is a simple Cydia theme with many replacement icons. The theme keeps changes minimal & stylish, which is one of the reasons we like this theme. ARC’d HD is a không lấy phí Cydia theme.


Jaku is a nice looking Cydia theme.

Jaku is another premium Cydia theme that includes over 100 new icons which are automatically applied when this theme is installed and enabled. Jaku also includes custom looks for the Notification Center, Lock Screen và alerts. Jaku is $2.99 in the Cydia phầm mềm store.

Glasklart HD

" data-image-caption="The Glasklart theme features glass-like icons." data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class="size-large wp-image-165540" title="Best Cydia Themes - ios 6 Winterboard Themes - Glasklart HD" alt="Best Cydia Themes - tiện ích ios 6 Winterboard Themes - Glasklart HD" src="" width="323" height="575" srcset=" 323w, 169w" sizes="(max-width: 323px) 100vw, 323px" />

The Glasklart theme features glass-like icons.

Glasklart HD claims to lớn include over 7,000 icons và while the phầm mềm has yet khổng lồ be officially updated to tiện ích ios 6, the only issue we found is that the message skin is not ready. Glaskart HD gives a glass icon look to the iPhone icons & dock, offering a sharp-looking clear theme. Glasklart HD is miễn phí in the Cydia app store.

LeviathanHaz3 HD

" data-image-caption="The LeviathanHaz3 HD is a premium Cydia theme. " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class="size-large wp-image-165541" title="Best Cydia Themes - quả táo 6 Winterboard Themes - LeviathanHaz3 HD" alt="Best Cydia Themes - game ios 6 Winterboard Themes - LeviathanHaz3 HD" src="" width="575" height="510" srcset=" 575w, 300w, 1280w" sizes="(max-width: 575px) 100vw, 575px" />

The LeviathanHaz3 HD is a premium Cydia theme.

LeviathanHaz3 HD is designed for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, & looks great on the Retina Displays. Included are over 600 icons và many apps are fully themed lớn keep things looking the same as users move from tiện ích to app. Users can also install additional lock screen & widgets that further customize the look. Check out the demo from Lets Keep it Simple.

" data-image-caption="The Boss.iOS Winterboard Theme is top notch.

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The Boss.iOS Winterboard Theme is đứng top notch.

Boss.iOS is the most expensive theme on our list of the best Cydia themes, but it’s worth the price. Boss.iOS is not on Cydia, rather it is in Theme It, which users can tải về from Cydia. Boss.iOS includes sharp-looking icons for popular apps, themed apps và custom tweaks that come together to lớn deliver a premium look.

Boss.iOS is $3.99 in ThemeIt và while not marked as iPhone 5 and iOS 6 compatible, it is up and running on ios 6.1 and the iPhone 5.