It has been three years since game OF THRONES wound up its run on HBO… and way way longer since we began the development of the successor series that eventually became HOUSE OF THE DRAGON.

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You have been reading all about it for days… or weeks… or months… depending on how closely you follow the news out of Westeros. Me, I’ve done more interviews that I can count. We had a huge panel in Hall H at San Diego Comicon, & red carpet premieres in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, London, India, Sweden… sundry other place… & right here in Santa sắt at the Jean Cocteau Cinema. There’s an amazing 3 chiều billboard in NYC overlooking Times Square. There’s more content on YouTube than anyone can keep track of. Archmaester Gyldayn’s history FIRE và BLOOD is back on the bestseller lists và climbing (you can get signed copies from Beastly Books). Review have been pouring in, most good, some bad.

I don’t know what else I can possibly say, except…

HOUSE OF THE long premieres tonight on HBO and HBO Max.

Whatever happens from here, my sincere thanks go out khổng lồ Ryan Condal & Miguel Sapochnik, lớn one of the most astonishing casts it has ever been been my honor to lớn work with, to an incredible crew, khổng lồ an amazing writing staff, khổng lồ my friends at HBO, past and present, who have worked for years to bring HOT D lớn fruition… và to the fans, without whom none of this would be possible.

And a tip of my cap khổng lồ my editors, publishers, & readers as well. It all began forty odd years ago… with a book.

Watch the show. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Let me be clear. I vị not know Salman Rushdie. Oh, I know OF him, of course. He has been one of the world’s most celebrated authors for decades now. I have seen him on television, read about him in newspapers & magazines, listened khổng lồ his interviews. We have some mutual friends and acquaintances, I believe, for the world of publishing is a small one, but we’ve never been in the same place at the same time that I recall. I doubt that he has ever read any of my work, & I am abashed to admit that I have never read any of his.

Not for any particular reason. There are hundreds of authors whose books I keep meaning lớn read, without ever quite getting to lớn them. My unread shelves hold more books than I could possibly read if I lived to be a hundred and did nothing between now & then but read, all day, every day. There are classics of English literature that I know only from the CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED comic books I read in the 50s. There are major seminal works of science fiction and fantasy gathering dust on my shelves. One day, I tell myself, one day. There are books I have loved… yet other titles by the same writers remain “to be read.” So my neglect of Rushdie really had nothing at all to vì with him, và everything to vị with how many books there are in the world, and how few hours in the day.

Not (yet) having read Rushdie’s novels did not keep me from admiring the man… from afar, as it were. Along with the rest of the world, I read of the turmoil around THE SATANIC VERSES và the fatwa declared against him by the ayatollahs of Iran. For the “crime” of writing a book that some people did not like, he was forced to spend a decade in hiding, surrounded by guards, wearing disguises when he dared leave his house. Through it all, he displayed courage, compassion, & grace under fire, while holding firm to lớn his principles and yielding not an inch lớn the haters. In more recent years, the danger finally seemed to lớn have ebbed, và Rushdie was once again able khổng lồ speak and travel and appear in public.

He emerged as one of the world’s leading defenders of miễn phí speech, which only deepened my admiration for him. Freedom of speech is a central pillar of our democracy, & every other democracy in the world. There is nothing, but nothing, that I believe in more strongly.


And these days freedom of speech needs defenders, for when I look around, I find it under attack everywhere. Blacklisting, cancel culture, libraries being closed or defunded, classic works of literature being banned or bowdlerized or removed from classrooms, an ever growing danh sách of “toxic” words the mere utterance of which is now forbidden no matter the context or intent, the erosion of civility in discourse. Both the Rabid Right and the Woke Left seem more intent on silencing those whose views they disagree with, rather than besting them in debate. Và the consequences for those who dare to say things deemed offensive have been growing ever more dire; jobs lost, careers ended, books cancelled, “deplatforming.”

And now, it seems, attempted murder.

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I cannot begin to express how horrified I am by the attack on Salman Rushdie in thủ đô new york as he was about to lớn give a speech. He was stabbed multiple times by a masked man who leapt onto the stage & rushed at Rushdie before he could say a word. The latest report I’ve read says that Rushdie is off the ventilator & improving, but he will never entirely recover. He suffered damage to lớn his liver, and to his arm. He may thất bại an eye. The attack took place in front of a large audience who had come to lớn hear him speak… ironically, about America as a haven for dissidents.

The attacker was arrested, & is being held without bail. His name is known, but I will not use it here. He already has an attorney, & I read that he will plead “not guilty” to the various charges being brought against him. When you try lớn kill someone on a stage in plain view of hundreds… well, I have to wonder how his legal team will dispute his guilt. An insanity defense? The devil made him vày it? He was just following orders, a soldier of god? Maybe he just did it for the money. There is a considerable bounty on Rushdie’s head, after all. (Would that those who offered that bounty could also be arrested và tried before the World Court). Perhaps the attacker was drunk, or on drugs. Maybe he’d eaten a Twinkie. No doubt we will learn his motive when the case comes khổng lồ trial. (Will the trial be televised? Will the public follow it as avidly as they did the Johnny Depp/ Amber Heard case? điện thoại tư vấn me cynical, but somehow I doubt it).

I think we all know what motivated the attack, however. We know what Salman Rushdie did. We have known for many years.

He wrote a book.

A book that a lot of people did not like.


I don’t know Salman Rushdie, as I said. That cannot be helped. There’s not much I can bởi vì for him… except to lớn hope that he makes a full recovery, or as much of a recovery as he can possibly make, given his injuries… or maybe I should gọi them wounds. For that is what they are, wounds received in battle in a war he has been fighting most of his life, a war for freedom of speech, for art, for compassion.

I don’t know Salman Rushdie’s work either, however… & THAT is something I can do something about. I just placed an order for copies of THE SATANIC VERSES, MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN, và several of his other books. Và I have instructed the managers at Beastly Books, my little bookshop here in Santa Fe, to order every Rushdie title presently in print. Beastly is not an ordinary general interest bookshop (Santa sắt has several of those); almost of the books it stocks are autographed. They carry my own titles, of course, along with books by the authors who have appeared at Beastly Books & the Jean Cocteau Cinema over the years for signings, interviews, readings, và other events. Rushdie’s books would not previously have been on our shelves, no more than those of thousands of other writers who we have never hosted. But that’s changing, as of today. From here on, we will be stocking everything Rushdie wrote…

The man who rushed on stage in Chautauqua with knife in hand wanted to vì chưng more than murder Salman Rushdie. He wanted khổng lồ silence him.

Well, fuck that. I say, let his voice be heard.

I hope that all of you reading this will join me.

If, lượt thích me, you have never read his books, if he’s only someone you saw on the news, go out và buy THE SATANIC VERSES. Or any of his books, actually… but SATANIC VERSES is the one that will make the point most clearly. If you already have a copy on your shelves, great… but he has lots of other books, buy some of them. Tell your local bookstore lớn put his novels on their shelves. Make sure your local library stocks them.

If enough of us out there truly believe in freedom of speech, we can send Salman Rushdie soaring up the bestseller lists again. Nothing would please me more than lớn see THE SATANIC VERSES rise to #1, decades after its original publication. Nothing would make the point more clearly.